I just got the sad news that one of the members of our Widows’ Support Group at San Roque Cathedral, Marivic Damaso, from Catmon, Malabon city, is critical in the hospital.

Marivic was widowed when her own husband was killed two years ago by unidentified assailants. Two of her five orphaned children are currently our scholars at San Jose de Navotas Academy, care of Talitha Kumi Foundation.

Marivic was rushed to a public hospital last Sunday, June 30, 2019. Apparently, she became a “collateral damage” because she happened to be walking in a street together with her friend Erla and Erla’s husband when unidentified assailants started firing their guns on them. According to witnesses the main target was the husband of Erla. Apparently, as the assassin aimed his gun, Erla had shielded her husband and had ended up taking most of the bullets meant for her husband. She died instantly. Marivic herself sustained several gunshot wounds. After the unidentified assailant darted away, Marivic and Ella’s husband were rushed to the hospital. They are still fighting for their lives in the ICU.

Two more bullets have to be removed from Marivic. Having lost a lot of blood from earlier surgeries, Marivic, we were told, needs some blood transfusion each time a bullet is removed from her. Let’s pray that Marivic survives, so as to spare five little children from becoming total orphans.

NB: It was also around this time last year that another member of our Widows’ Support Group, Jennifer Taburada, was killed, also by masked vigilantes. Jennifer’s two young children are now also total orphans. They are part of our diocese’s scholarship program for families of EJK victims.


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