SAMPALUKAN, A PLACE WHERE FURNITURE SHOPS stand adjacent to each other, is only befitting to have a parish created in the honor of Saint Joseph the Workman, a carpenter himself. The parish exemplifies the personality of their patron saint –– industrious, courageous, and holy.

From its name alone, Sampalukan is known as a location where several Sampalok trees can be found. Within this place existed two organizations way back to 1935, known as the “Patnibay ng Nayon”, which is composed of the elders, and the “Gabay ng Sinampalukan”, as its youthful counterpart (Gabay ng Sinampalukan was eventually changed into Bisig ng Kabataan). The organizations took charge of civic and religious activities, as well as protecting the community from different crimes and accidents. They constructed a shed that served as their headquarters, that later on became a multi–purpose hall –– a place where meetings are done, arguments are settled, masses and festivities are held.

In the early 1960’s, the hall was transferred to the present site of the church. It was enlarged in order to accommodate more people. At the same time, the hall was initiated to formally become a chapel, under the leadership of Maximo Liwag, then Teniente del Barrio of Samaplukan. The chapel officers were elected years after the transfer of the chapel. It was in this time, with the help of Mario de Guzman, the first chairman, that masses were celebrated monthly through the permission of Msgr. Pedro Vecido, then parish priest of the San Roque Parish.

Through the years, the chapel had its share of changes, as the number of parishioners dramatically increased, paving the way for a regular weekly liturgical celebration. By 1980, Rev. Msgr. Boanerges Lechuga, then San Roque parish priest, gave his permission to expand the chapel. Every member of the community had a role to fill upon. The chapel’s renovation was finished in time for Christmas Day 1983, which also serves as the day of its inaugural blessing as a parish.

But on December 18, a big fire broke out and destroyed everything in Sampalukan, including the newly finished chapel. After the smoke has cleared, the fire burned the buildings with the morale and the faith of the people.
Yet in the midst of the tragedy, the people proved why they should be called as the parishioners of St. Joseph: they showed his character, strong–willed in the midst of hardships; patient for the next chances to come; and ever obedient to the will of God. Out of the ashes and the charred remains, the people slowly reconstructed their houses, their lives, and their church. The community of Sampalukan stood up once again, and with their faith in God and in the Gospel, Saint Joseph Chapel was officially declared a parish by the Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin on April 8, 1994.

Saint Joseph

SAINT JOSEPH, THE MAN BETROTHED TO MARY THE MOTHER OF JESUS CHRIST, was chosen to be the human stepfather of Jesus in fulfillment of the scriptures, which says that the Messiah would come from the line of King David.
But though Joseph’s genealogy traces to King David, he had no evidences of royalty on him. He was a humble carpenter, living a simple life of principles and morals. In fact, when Joseph died, he had nothing to give Jesus but his ideals, and his title and his skills as a carpenter, or tektos in Greek, of Nazareth.

But more than his job, Joseph is well admired because of his courage and faith to the will of God. At the moment he learned about the pregnancy of Mary, he decided to silently end their engagement, which God has not intended. As the angel of God appeared to Joseph, he immediately followed its orders, taking care of Mary as she took the pains of childbearing, and afterwards loving Jesus as his real own son.

Saint Joseph is regarded as the patron saint of workers, and as the protector of the Church. As the parishioners of Saint Joseph Parish follow the lead of Saint Joseph, the community tries to exert more effort in defending the church as well as serving each other.


Tue-Thurs: 7AM
2nd & 4th Friday: 7AM
1st & 3rd Friday: 6PM
Holy Hour: 5PM before the Mass every 1st & 3rd Friday of the Month
Saturday: 7AM
Sunday: 8am & 10am-(English Mass)
: 4PM (Children Mass)


Sundays – 11AM
Special Baptism – by appointment (scheduled three days before the Baptism)

every 1st & 3rd Friday of the Month
(during Holy Hour) & by appointment


MATRIMONY – By appointment

SICK CALL – By appointment

San Antonio de Padua – Every Tuesday
Perpetual Devotion – Every Wednesday
St. Joseph Devotion – Every Thursday
Mahal na Puso ni Hesus – Every Friday
1st Saturday – Immaculada Concepcion
2nd Saturday – Mahal na Birhen ng Lourdes
3rd Saturday – Mahal na Birhen ng Fatima
4th Saturday – Birhen ng Medalya Milagrosa
5th Saturday – Sta. Maria, Mapag-ampon ng mga Kristiyano

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    Saint Joseph the Workman Parish

    Established: April 8, 1815

    Fiesta Day: May 1

    Address: Doña Rita corner Sampalukan Streets, Caloocan City

    Parish Priest/Rector: Rev. Fr. Alberto T. Caballero

    Saint Joseph

    SAINT JOSEPH, THE MAN BETROTHED TO MARY THE MOTHER OF JESUS CHRIST, was chosen to be the human stepfather of Jesus in fulfillment of the scriptures, which says that the Messiah would come from the line of King David.

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