THE MODEST BEGINNINGS OF SAGRADA FAMILIA PARISH is often attributed to the generosity of the Mandapat family, who offered out funds in for the then chapel. The donation was out of gratitude for the safe return of a relative from the World War Two.


The wooden chapel was officially initiated as a sub–parish on January 8, 1972, with different priests officiating masses. Later on, Rev. Fr. Hernane Denolo was assigned by Rev. Fr. Ernest Sylvester, OMI, of the Our Lady of Grace Parish as priest–in–charge of Sagrada Familia.


In 1983, the chapel was canonically erected as a parish, with Rev. Fr. Honorato Nadua Jr. being their first parish priest. Several priests have served the parish; some of them are Rev. Fr. Francis Siguan who stayed for a year; Rev. Fr. Alfonso Bugaoan, who for four years worked on the strengthening of the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC); Rev. Fr. Bobby Olaguer, who focused on the Children’s Ministry and on the masses; and Rev. Frs. Emmanuel Sarez and Jun Bartolome who rejuvenated the BEC through active responses to the people’s needs which initiated the creation of seventeen small communities called Kawan and the Munting Kapitbahayang Kristiyano (MKK) within it.


The parish’s active involvement in the Vicarial and the Diocesan level was a great deal of contribution to the continuous assessment of strengths and weaknesses in terms of pastoral management techniques and in the formation of brotherhood in Christ. Sagrada Familia Parish vows to even more pursue the advancements in our move as one, pilgrim, Church.

The Holy Family


JESUS, MARY, AND JOSEPH ALTOGETHER FORM THE HOLY FAMILY, WHICH has become a popular standard of what a common day household should be. The veneration to the Holy Family started in the 17th Century, by Most Rev. François de Laval, a Canadian Bishop who also founded a Confraternity.


At home, it was Joseph who works hard for his family; it was Mary who takes care of her husband and her son; and it was Jesus, who is helps His parents as he becomes a man of piety and obedience. They, all in all, become the epitome of what a family, and a community as well, may be. The Holy Family is a great example of what continuous communication, thorough understanding, and sincere affection brings; a harmonious relationship within.


The Sagrada Familia Parish hopes to invoke the characteristics of each member of the Holy Family in order for all the goals and the aspirations of the parish to be achieved, through bright and unsafe times. It is also through the intercession of Mary and Joseph that we plead to their Holy son, Jesus Christ.


Sunday Mass     :                                    6:00 am                           4:00 pm

7:30 am                           5:30 pm

9:00 am                           7:00 pm

Daily Mass

Monday – Saturday                             6:00 am

Wednesday, Friday and

Saturday (Anticipated Mass)               6:00 pm

Novena to

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Wednesdays                                        5:45 am & 5:45 pm


Kawan Mass

Tuesday – Saturday                               8:00 pm


Sto.  Niño Chapel

Every Saturday                                      5:00 pm








  1. Every Sunday                    (10:30 am)

Application must be filed one (1) week before


  1. Ordinary Day

Schedule must be arranged one (1) week, prior to the date of baptism



Application must be filed two (2) months before the wedding date



Approach the priest before or after the mass or inform the Parish Office


Funeral Mass or Funeral Blessing

Inform the Parish Office 3 days before the date


Sick Call




Every Fiesta


Counseling, House Blessing or any blessing

Inform the Parish Office one (1) week before the date

Coming Soon

Sagrada Familia Parish

Established: August 15, 1983
Fiesta Day: Every 2nd Sunday of January
Address: 61 Banal St., 6th Ave., Caloocan City
Parish Priest/Rector:
Rev. Fr. Ildefonso C. De Guzman, Jr.

Sagrada Familia