History of Tinajeros Barrio Chapel

• 1903 – Chapel or La Visita de Tinajeros is already in existence under the administration of Gregorio Aglipay, Agapito Cristobal, Escolastico Sevilla, Canuto Oreta, Jose Babiosa Santos, and the Municipality of Malabon.

• 1909 – the United States Supreme Court ruled that the La Visita de Tinajeros rightful owners is the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church by virtue that the Spanish 300 years has exercise Catholicism in the Philippines with the grant by King of Spain and collaboration of the Pope.

• 1930’s – According to the elders, the present location is the 3rd location after the two locations were damaged by fire and calamity. The final location was selected because of unusual tree that has leaves in the shape of a “cross” which is said to be a miraculous tree according old folks.

• 1930’s – Mr. Pedro Cruz is the administrator of the lot where the chapel stands until today.
– Tinajeros Barrio Chapel was under San Bartolome parish.
– The Holy Cross is the first known patron of the chapel and said to be miraculous. Origin of the Cross is unknown.
– The original structure of the chapel is made of mix wood, concrete and metal roof. (as shown above).

• By late 1940’s residents of the barrio initiated to re-construct the chapel to what it is now. Architect Rodolfo Bustamante(resident of Tinajeros) made the architectural plans and design.

Construction was completed with all parishioners helping through pledges and “bayanihan”.

• May 4, 1949 – Legion of Mary – Praesidium Laetitiae Israel was established through the help of Fr. George Roldan. A milestone for the chapel since it was older than the erection of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish and still an active organization up to present.

• By 1961, inauguration of the New Barrio Chapel was held. (see photo below)
– It was blessed on December 27, 1961 by Fr. Espallargas, C.M., Fr. Romero (1st Parish Priest of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish) and Fr. Pelayo (Asst. Parish Priest of San Bartolome Parish).
– Maryknoll Sisters under Sr. Jane Dolores OP encouraged the community to have regular Sunday mass. They also taught children catechetical instructions.
– During this time, an image of the Holy Trinity (Mr. Ric Gonzales, a resident of Tinajeros painted both the “Cuadro”painting and on a canvass attached to the ceiling) is already present and fixed on the altar. (see photo below).
– The cuadro painting is now hanging at the sacristy, also being used during morning procession every feast day.
– The feast of the Holy Trinity is the one being celebrated every year.

• Around 1970’s, Mr. Virgilio Roque generously donated the present image of the Holy Trinity.

• People of Tinajeros recognizes the family of Josue B. Sevilla as the early caretakers of the chapel together with Alfredo Ramos thereafter.

• Past Pastoral Chairman:
– Bro. Bernardo Pasion
– Bro. Venancio Sevilla
– Bro. Virgilio Ramos
– Bro. Ricardo Mendoza
– Sis. Mercedita Santos
– Sis. Carmelita Sequito

• Different Ministries and Organizations through the years and up to the present:
– Ministry of Lectors and Commentators
– Ministry of Greeters and Collectors
– Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion
– Ministry of Altar Servers
– Mother Butler Guild
– Music Ministry-Holy Trinity Choir

– Catechetical Ministry
– Ministry on Youth Affairs
– Social Communications Ministry
– Bible Apostolate Ministry
– Family Life Ministry
– Basic Ecclesial Community
– Tinajeros Cursillo Movement
– Legion of Mary
– Soldiers of Christ
– Handmaids of the Lord

Monday 6:00 AM
Tuesday 6:00 AM
Wednesday 6:00 AM
Thursday 6:00 AM
Friday 6:00 AM
Saturday 6:00 AM
6:00 PM (Anticipated Mass)
Sunday 7:00 AM
4:00 PM (Children’s Mass)
6:00 PM

Wednesday 5:30 AM Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Friday 5:30 AM Sacred Heart of Jesus
First Friday Devotion 5:00 PM Holy Hour and Confession
First Saturday Devotion 4:30 PM Dawn Procession, Healing and Mass

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    Holy Trinity Quasi Parish

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