Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish

Established: January 11, 1976
Fiesta Day: June 19
Address: Nadurata Street, 8th Avenue, Grace Park, Caloocan City
Parish Priest/Rector: Rev. Fr. Ruben J. Maybuena

Hearts of Jesus and Mary

In the busy city of Caloocan, known for its role in history during the Philippine Revolution and one of the most progressive cities of the National Capital Region, lies one of the most notable place where the faith is kept alive for centuries, the Cathedral of San Roque, the Seat of the Diocese of Kalookan. The Cathedral of San Roque in Caloocan houses two of the most important Patrons of the City, the titular Patron St. Roch of Montpellier and the Queen and Mother of the City, Nuestra Señora de Nieva de Caloocan. https://pintakasi1521.blogspot.com

IT WAS IN 1952 THAT A LOT WAS DONATED by the Ramirez family for the construction of a chapel. The project was spearheaded by a group of faithful and strong–willed Christians, some of which are Emilio Cabildo, Rosenda Climaco, Maria Dee, Letty Parial, Margarita Respicio, Alfredo Sotelo, Armando Trinidad, and Petra Villaverde. As they gathered up and shared their resources, slowly, the chapel took shape.


The community that nurtured the chapel, as a part of strengthening the spiritual ties between the members of a family and then, the members of the community, organized several Christian Movements. These groups were significant in the chapel’s becoming of a parish.


On January 11, 1976, through the help of Msgr. Pacifico Mendoza, the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was established by the Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence, Jaime L. Cardinal Sin. Rev. Fr. Alfredo Ganzon was assigned by His Eminence at the parish priest.


Fr. Ganzon faced a daunting task, as he accepted the assignment. He was building the church from scratch, yet the community, with Engr. Teodorico Zamora, who led the first Parish Pastoral Council, knew that it is possible. Through a combined – team effort, several projects and programs were made available to the public in a year.


Several improvements followed through, as Rev. Fr. Manuel Balbago was assigned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. He modernized the altar with a unique design, allowing air to circulate freely. It was also in his helm that the Chorale Angelorum was established.


Before the turn of the century, Rev. Fr. Edgar Merin mended the flaws of the parish –– from the parish grounds, to the innovations in spiritual formations, pilgrimages, reliving the traditions of the Catholic Faith, to the way that the liturgy is being carried out. It was also in Fr. Merin’s term that the parish successfully celebrated its 25th year of establishment.


The programs instituted since then were continuously done under Rev. Fr. Gaudencio Salise, who took over Fr. Merin’s post. It was in his term that the Bishop of the Diocese of Kalookan, His Excellency Deogracias S. Iñiguez changed the name of the parish from Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, into Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish, to denote distinction from other parishes in the Diocese bearing the same name.


As the years move on, the parishioners of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish continue on their pilgrimage to the Promised Land, through efforts in preaching the Gospel to the people who need it most. To this day, parishioners remain steadfast in their belief in God, as they strive to be a true disciple of Christ.

The Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


THE ALLIANCE OF THE HEARTS OF JESUS AND MARY IS BASED ON THE historical, theological, and spiritual connection between the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with the outpouring love of Jesus for humanity and the torn love of Mary for Jesus and the world full of sins.


The joint devotion of the hearts was first formalized in the 17th Century by Saint Jean Eudes, who organized the scriptural, theological and liturgical sources relating to the devotions and obtained the approbation of the Church, prior to the visions of Saint Marguerite Marie Alacoque.


After the 18th Century, the devotions grew, both jointly and individually through the efforts of figures such as Saint Louis de Montfort who promoted Catholic Mariology and Saint Catherine Labouré’s Miraculous Medal depicting the Heart of Jesus thorn-crowned and the Heart of Mary pierced with a sword. The devotions, and the associated prayers, continued into the 20th century, such as the Immaculata prayer of Saint Maximillian Kolbe and the reported messages of Our Lady of Fatima which stated that the Heart of Jesus wishes to be honored together with the Heart of Mary.


Several Popes such as Pope Pius XII and Pope John Paul II supported the devotion to the Hearts. It was also John Paul II who coined the term “Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary” on September 15, 1985.

Monday to Saturday – 5: 30 AM, 6: 45 AM; 6: 00 PM
Sundays – 5: 00 AM, 6: 00 AM, 7: 15 AM, 8: 30 AM, 9: 45 AM
3: 45 PM, 5: 00 PM, 6: 15 PM, 7: 30 AM

Saturdays – 10: 30 AM (Registration); 11: 00 AM (Seminar and Baptism)
Sundays – First Batch: 10: 30 AM (Registration); 11: 00 AM (Baptism)
Second Batch: 12: 00 AM (Registration); 12: 30 PM (Baptism)
Once a year (Fiesta)
Monday to Saturday (except Wednesdays) – 9: 30 AM; 2: 30 PM, 4: 00 PM
Wednesdays – 9: 30 AM; 2: 30 PM
Every Wednesday
4: 30 PM – novena to Mother of Perpetual Help (with Benediction)
5: 30 PM – novena to Mother of Perpetual Help (w/o Benediction)
6: 45 PM – novena to Mother of Perpetual Help (with Benediction)

Dec. 16- 24
4:30 AM – Parish
5:30 AM – Immaculate Conception Chapel
6:30 PM- Maria Auxilladora Chapel
8:00 PM – Parish

Dec. 24 Midnight Mass
8:00 PM- Parish
10:00 PM – Parish

Dec. 25
6:30 AM- Parish
8:00 AM- Parish
9:00 AM- Immaculate Conception Chapel
10:00 AM – Parish
6:00 PM- Parish

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